Talent Management System Consultation

Talent Management System and Learning Management System planning and implementation

A system that brings multiple talent management functions onto a single platform can reduce strain on your HR team and provide a better user experience for employees. Plus, data at your fingertips makes it easier to follow up and determine next steps.

When designing a new TMS or LMS, there are a lot of considerations to ensure everything works together seamlessly. We remove the guesswork so you end up with exactly what you need—and nothing more.

A Properly Configured System

We don’t develop systems, but we do help configure them to make sure each component matches your business needs.

We’ll oversee the process, ask strategic questions, and liaise with your implementation vendor so nothing is overlooked.

  • What workflows, including approvals, will ensure smooth processes?
  • What types of security roles do you need?
  • Does the system need to interface with your HRIS or other systems?
  • How will content in the system be organized?
  • Which forms and templates do you already have vs. which need to be created?

We Serve as Your Partner on:

  • Requirements assessment
  • RFP creation and management
  • Vendor selection
  • Implementation management
  • User experience optimization
  • Process mapping

Make sure the TMS or LMS you end up with is the one you need.Give us a call to discuss


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