Project Management

Planning, organizing, and managing projects to keep them on time and on budget

Our clients can push dates and stretch budgets, but we never do. We have managed dozens of projects of all sizes without missing a deadline or incurring unexpected costs.

Our methodology relies on detailed, up-front planning to ensure everything is accounted for. Each project plan includes a tracking system so you always know what needs to be done, by when, and by whom. We’ll even nudge people to keep things on track.

Project management can be combined with one of our other consulting services, or we can tackle stand-alone projects sitting on your back burner. Yes, the ones that keep getting bumped for more urgent priorities.

Our Process

Identify Stakeholders
Outline Goals and Objectives
Develop Project Plan and Schedule
Manage Project, Teams, and/or Vendors
Track and Report Status
Complete Project

Move It off Your Desk

Whether it’s a project we started or one we took on mid-stream, we’ll move it to the “done” column, on time and on budget. If the scope changes, we’ll let you know the implications so you can make informed decisions… because no one likes costly surprises.

Let us handle your messiest, most complex projects so you can focus on other things. Set up a call to discuss what you need to be done.


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