Samples of Our Work


Leadership Development Strategy

We provided this client with a leadership development strategy—a blueprint for a four-month immersive program with assessments, a cohort experience, and involvement in actual company initiatives. The sample shows the proposed program (the client’s name has been changed to comply with the NDA).

New Hire Orientation Strategy

This client lacked a comprehensive and consistent approach to new hire orientation; the strategy we developed addressed this need by recommending the structure, content, and delivery approach for the program. These elements can be seen in the sample. We also developed recommendations for metrics and tracking, as well as a roadmap for development and implementation.

Training Design & Development

Leadership Development e-Learning

We worked with this client to re-imagine their instructor-led leadership development program for new managers into a blended solution, then designed and developed the e-learning components. The sample shows parts of the first e-learning course in the program.

Project Management e-Learning

This module was used to introduce new project managers to the company’s project delivery framework. This was a rapid-development engagement, going from initialization of the project to rollout of the module in three weeks—and that was without having any content in writing when we began the project! The sample shows a few screens from the course.

Product Training e-Learning

Our client needed to train all of their sales representatives on all of their products, which are technical in nature and not easy to learn about. So we created a series of e-learning courses, one for each product line—by the end of the project, we were almost experts on their products ourselves! This sample shows a small portion of one of the courses.

System Training e-Learning

This simulation guides the learner through using a new software system, requiring the learner to interact with the system in order to proceed. The client used this training as a more economical and efficient alternative to conducting live training for a large number of users across multiple locations worldwide. The sample shows a small section from the middle of the course.

Mentoring “Quick Course”

Our client needed a short, targeted instructor-led course to teach supervisors basic mentoring skills that they could apply to their relationships with summer interns. We developed a PPT with facilitation notes and a simple participant guide for a 90-minute session. The sample shows a few of the PPT slides with the corresponding facilitation notes.

Customer Service Classroom Training

When our client, a hospital, was preparing to open a new cancer center, they wanted to ensure that the patient experience was as positive as it could be under the circumstances; as part of that commitment, they engaged us to develop and deliver customer service training to the clinical and non-clinical staff of the new facility. The sample shows a few pages from the participant workbook for the one-day training course.

TMS/LMS Consulting

Assessment Report

Our engagement with this client began with an assessment of the applicant tracking system within their larger talent management system. After an in-depth investigation of the people, processes, and technology, we provided a detailed report of our findings and recommendations; the sample is a small portion of that.

Learning Process Map

Part of our work with this client involved defining the future-state business processes associated with their LMS implementation. We identified all the necessary processes and the stakeholders for each, then worked with those stakeholders to map the processes, offering our insight and recommendations based on our experience. The sample is a relatively simple map for their instructor-led learning process.

Implementation After-Action Report

After helping this client purchase, configure, and roll out their performance management and compensation management systems, we conducted an after-action review with the HR team to identify successes, challenges, and lessons learned. The sample is a part of the review that focused on data collected about the rollout.

Change Management

Readiness Assessment

We used stakeholder interviews and focus groups to help this client assess the organization’s level of “change readiness” at the beginning of the project, then developed a strategy to address the specific areas where they had the most challenges. The sample is the portion of the change management strategy that focused on the results of the readiness assessment.

Communication Plan

The communication plan we developed for this client leveraged a variety of delivery vehicles and involved a number of executives and other stakeholders. The sample shows one page of the detailed plan, as well as a portion of the week-by-week summary.

Project Management

Project Charter

For our large project management engagements, we almost always start by drafting a project charter to ensure agreement and alignment on the project’s purpose, scope, and team members. The sample reflects most of the components we normally include, although the budget, stakeholder, and risk sections have been removed due to their sensitive nature; the client name has also been redacted.


The schedule is a critical part of any project we manage. We typically build and manage project schedules—which can become quite detailed and complex—in project management software such as MS Project. But we also translate that into various other formats to communicate to stakeholders; this sample gives an example of that.

Status Report

This is an example of the type of status reports we provide—usually weekly or bi-weekly—on large projects. For smaller projects, we use a simplified version of this report—or, if the client prefers, more informal status reporting in meetings.